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The New Golden Age of Hi-Fi, Part 1

This is part one of an occasional series we’ll be running over the next view months examining the journey into the world of hi-fi. We’ll have two points-of-view, one from a veteran hi-fi traveler and the other from a music lover who is just embarking on a voyage into the world of critical listening.

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Distortion - Understanding the Specs

Every component adds some level of distortion along the audio chain, changing the original signal along the way. The simple truth is that regardless of what you spend you will never hear exactly what was heard in the recording studio or concert hall. Another simple truth is that the differences may be so slight you will never notice them, and of course, the higher in quality your components are the closer you will get to the original.

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Does Your Clock Actually Go Tick-Tock (Or Is Your Brain Lying To You?)

Think the clock goes TICK-tock? Think your turn signal actually goes BLINK-er? Think again, because your brain is just off making music on its own.

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50 Years - 5 Songs - 50 Weeks: 2003

Week 14 is all about 2003. Radio was still king, and although file sharing of older music was in full stride despite the shutdown of Napster, new music found its way to us predominantly via radio. The industry model in place since the early 1950s seemed like it was on solid ground with no threat to its dominance. Very few people, even the techiest among us, had a clue how muh that was going to change in the next half decade.

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Which Is Better: Analog or Digital?

With the hard resurgence of vinyl, there has been a lot of debate among music fans as to which format is "better." Each format has its own plusses and minuses when it comes to the user experience, as opposed to the listening experience (they're not the same thing). But what about the listening experience and the actual scientific difference between the two formats? Is there a clear-cut winner?

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One Sad & Lonely Music Lover's Journey Through the World of High-End Audio

A Ferrari drives better than a Kia in the same way an expensive set of audio components sound better than an iPhone and a pair of earbuds or a clock radio with some sort of dark art waveguide. In the automobile world it's called common sense. In the audio world it's called snobbery. That's a shame, because at the end of the day music is (to me) something that makes the BS of life worth the effort, so it stands to reason that the better the music sounds, the better my perception of my life will be. We can all get where we're going in a Kia, but if you're seriously going to tell me, if given the choice, you'd pick a Kia over a Ferrari, I'm not buying a word of it.

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